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Colocation Access Policy

Colocator Representatives are required to:

  • Sign in and out in the “sign in” log located at the entrance for each visit to the Colocation Facility.
  • Not allow unauthorized or unapproved personnel into the Data Facility without the knowledge and consent of Crocker Communications.
  • Leave wet clothing and belongings such as umbrellas, coats, bags, etc at the door.
  • Not bring food or drinks into the Colocation Facility.
  • Only handle and manipulate their own hardware located within their own racks. Partial cabinet colocator representatives should only de-energize or unplug their own equipment. Partial cabinet colocator representatives should never de-energize power strips located with the cabinets.
  • Plug monitor cart and other portable electrical equipment into receptacles located on the metal columns or on the metal runways located just below the windows. Portable equipment should never be plugged into power strips located within equipment racks.
  • Unplug and re-stow Crocker monitor carts and other equipment after use.
  • Not make adjustments to or cycle power breakers on any support service equipment including but not limited to: air conditioners, power panels, UPS, maintenance bypass panels and sprinkler control panel.
  • Not perform either low or high voltage wiring outside cabinets without the express consent of Crocker Communications.
  • Place all small amounts of trash in containers provided. Large volumes of trash such cardboard boxes and shipping materials must be removed from the Colocation Facility and disposed of off-site.
  • Exit the facility during fire alarms or when directed by Crocker Associates.
  • Either unplug equipment within the rack, turn off rack power strip or unplug the rack via the receptacle connector located directly above the rack (as appropriate) in case of equipment fire or electrical emergency.
  • Be familiar with the operation and location of portable Halon fire extinguishers within the Colocation Facility.
  • Be familiar with the operation and location of fire alarm stations with the Colocation Facility. If fire is detected during normal Crocker business hours, Crocker Associates within the building should be notified. If fire is detected after normal Crocker business hours, the fire alarm should be activated. STCC Security and Crocker Associates should then be contacted immediately by phone.
  • Shut off overhead lights when leaving the facility after normal business hours.

Facility Access:

Crocker Communications, Inc requires a completed and signed Crocker Colocation Access Form from each Colocator Adminstrative Contact for each Colocator Representative who needs access to the Data Center. In addition, a digital JPEG photograph of Colocator Representative must be sent to colocare@crocker.com to accompany each submitted Colocation Access Form.

Full cabinet clients:

  • Have 24-hour access to the data center via key fobs. After hours access to the building is through the STCC security guards. Colocation customers must have their photo in the guard book to be allowed access into the building.

Partial cabinet clients:

  • Have access to the data center during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8am-8pm at no charge. After Hours access can be obtained at a rate of $125.00 per hour by calling the Client Support lines. 24 hour advanced notice is requested.

Client Support Phone Numbers:

Greenfield: 475.1000
Northampton: 387.1000
Springfield: 654.1000