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Metro Ethernet

multisite bandwidth on reliable fiber

Built on the 802.3 Protocol Suite, Crocker Metro Ethernet Service delivers a wide area network that provides cost effective, high-speed bandwidth between multiple locations. The Service leverages MassBroadband 123’s highly reliable, 1,100 mile fiber optic network, an initiative with which Crocker Communications has been deeply involved since its inception.

Offering flexible bandwidth options, your wide area network can grow as your organization demands. The Service can easily scale from as little as 5Mbps to as much as 1000Mbps (1 Gbps).

Crocker Metro Ethernet Service acts a strong technology backbone upon which to build robust Crocker solutions. In addition to high-speed bandwidth between locations, the wide area network can be connected to Crocker to deliver high speed Crocker Internet Access throughout the entire network. The network can also connect to Crocker’s Colocation data center for high-speed access to your servers at our premises. We can also deliver any of our hosted solutions such as Crocker Hosted Phone Systems, Hosted Collaboration and Email Encryption. Crocker can even supplement the MBI network with broadband transport from other carriers in the region.

And, because we are able to leverage the MassBroadband Network, Crocker’s Metro Ethernet is more cost effective than older technologies such as frame relay.

Whether your organization needs a network with relatively low bandwidth between locations, or a robust solution including high bandwidth between locations, Internet connectivity and hosted solutions, Crocker can help.