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Hosted Collaboration

enhanced productivity & efficiency

With so much to do every day, you can’t afford to get sidetracked by logistical headaches like scheduling challenges and communications overload. You have to be able to work collaboratively with colleagues from any place at any time―whether you’re online or offline, in the office or on the road―for optimal decision-making.

These are pressing concerns for any company, including Crocker Communications. However, we’ve successfully addressed these challenges with a powerful product that our employees have been using for years―not only at both Crocker locations, but also in their home offices and on their mobile devices.

It has served us well―and we see it helping our western Massachusetts neighbors, too.

The Crocker Collaboration Suite (CCS) is a productivity and collaboration service that saves you time and money by enabling team members to more efficiently work with one another. An exceptional organizational and collaboration tool, CCS dramatically streamlines communications and workflow―so everyone can focus on executing business-related tasks, rather than resolving administrative glitches.

What’s more, since CCS is a hosted, managed service, Crocker Communications―not your internal staff―is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of all technical aspects. You enjoy reliable, state-of-the-art features at low, predictable costs. There are no ongoing maintenance, hardware or software fees. And, by accessing continuous, automatic upgrades as they become available, you also enjoy “future-proof” functionality and capabilities.

In short, you get all of the benefits, none of the hassles.