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Digital Voice Lines

Digital Voice lines are designed for legacy, premises-based phone systems at small- to medium-sized businesses. Providing seamless voice connections to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Digital Voice lines serves as direct replacements for Verizon POTS (Plain Ordinary Telephone Service) lines.

This product updates existing Key and Hybrid phone systems with VoIP. With measured usage or pooled capacity that provides shared access and bundled minutes, Crocker VoIP Dial Tones can significantly reduce your expenses―particularly compared to telephone company POTS lines. What’s more, Crocker VoIP Dial Tones transmit communications traffic over Crocker’s managed, private IP network for enhanced security and performance quality.

During our recent conversion of the City of Greenfield’s phone system from multiple, diverse premises-based PBX’s to a unified town-wide Hosted PBX solution, Crocker’s team displayed strong project management and problem solving skills, in particular as it relates to Public Safety’s complex call recording requirements. They always responded rapidly and professionally when any issues surfaced.

– Fernando Fleury, IT Manager, Greenfield Technology Department, City of Greenfield

After installation and initial training on our new VoIP phone system, I was hit by a barrage of questions well beyond my comfort level. So I called Crocker Customer Service and spoke with Tim. Tim was patient, supportive and clear in his instructions. I needed process explanations in simple step-by-step terms and that is what I got. As new questions arose among the staff I went back to Tim several times and each time he was as patient and “sympathetic” and effective as the last.

– Jan Lewis Nelson CRP, GMS
Town of Washington

The technical team at Crocker has been very responsive to our needs. The system is very deep – we only scratched the surface of it in the beginning. The Crocker team has helped us maximize the capabilities of the hosted phone solution. They have also been very helpful in the rare event where there was a problem with the system.

– CJ Diamond, Partner
Astro Chemicals, Inc.

Having Crocker for our broadband provider and our telecommunications provider has been the best thing to happen to this little town in a while. The Crocker sales representative went above and beyond when helping us discern what we needed within our municipal buildings for equipment as well as service. Technical support has been friendly and more than capable. Crocker was a great choice for us.

– Jessica Kelmelis
IT Coordinator, Tolland

We have been using Crocker Communications’ services for [over] 17 years and have always found them to be responsive in meeting our current needs and supportive of our future planning … Crocker Communications has a drive for technology within the schools and a solid knowledge of what it takes to get the job done.

– Bart Gilley, Director of Technology
Hampden Wilbraham School District