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ShutesburyNET is a municipally-owned fiber optic cable network brings internet access to all subscribed residents in the Town of Shutesbury at speeds up to 100 times faster than average DSL, cable or satellite connections.

The network is sustained and maintained by monthly subscriber fees and was financed through a combination of taxpayer funds and state grants. The network acts as a public utility serving the residents of Shutesbury and is governed by a three-member board and town officials.

Crocker Communications works in partnership with the Town of Shutesbury as an internet service provider and network operator to manage and run ShutesburyNET. For more information please see www.shutesbury.org/broadband.


As you start services, you may have questions regarding features, how to access voicemail, your rates, etc.  We have provided a link to those most commonly requested documents below.


If you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Crocker support team.

For assistance with your bill, please reach out to our Billing Team:

  • 413-775-4170
  • billing@crocker.com

If you need to contact the Town of Shutesbury MLP/Broadband Committee please visit: www.shutesbury.org/broadband